BOOK Hypothesis series 2: Elements of Chemistry, part 2 HEAT

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Signed paperback of HEAT (part 2 in 'Elements of Chemistry')

6 x 9 inches

Matte Cover

190 pages


HEAT (63k words) 
Four days left. 
Private beach (…and boat). 
Not so invisible girl. 
And maybe less of a jerk-faced bully than originally thought. 
What’s the worst (or the best) that could happen? 
Kaitlyn is finding life outside of the science cabinet of obscurity to be quite illuminating …and so are her pants. 
When things heat up between Kaitlyn Parker and Martin—previously known as the jerk-faced bully—Sandeke, she places her trust in the one person she never thought capable of earning it, let alone keeping it safe. Fortunately or unfortunately for Kaitlyn, where she gives her trust she can’t help but also give her heart. 
But how will the world beyond the sanctuary of their newfound connection react to their relationship? Soon senators, chinless billionaires, and elements beyond Martin and Kaitlyn’s control want to weigh in on the young couple’s future. 
Navigating the chaotic inferno of new love might be more than Kaitlyn bargained for, and much, much more than her trust—or her heart—can handle.

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